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Lead Generating Martial Arts Websites

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Convert Traffic

Our websites are built to get you students and turn your traffic into PAYING CUSTOMERS!
Each site has multiple "calls to action" so that relevant website traffic can't miss how to interact with your site and signup for YOUR trial offer!
With a MAWD website, we can integrate with nearly any CRM, so that your website fits in with the softwares you are already using.
Plus, we are the foremost SEO expert in the martial arts web design and marketing space, so we know how to get your business to show up in Google!
Taking your business to the next level is all about getting the right pieces in place.  At MAWD, we understand the process and are here to help you every step of the way!

Multiple Theme Options

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Get Found Consistently

We know SEO better than ANY of our competitors.
Sound like a tall claim? 
Well, we have been on the first page of Google for the search terms "Martial Arts Websites" and "Martial Arts Website Design" more consistently than our competitors for OVER 5 YEARS!  
In fact, we might be the only martial arts website design and marketing agency that can even make that claim!
So, rest assured that with us your SEO is in VERY good hands!
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Enhance Your SEO

Our SEO services takes a comprehensive look at your SEO indicators on and off of your website.
With more SEO traffic and a higher converting website, more signups are inevitable.
Good SEO is the start of consistent free traffic!
Once we have a baseline of your conversion rate, we can reverse engineer the numbers to help you increase traffic with ads and scale your signups strategically.
Take the guess-work out of your marketing plan!

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Our websites integrate with multiple CRMs and marketing softwares.

Ready to grow your school?

Blue Belt Scroll

Martial Arts Website
Modern Designs
Responsive / Mobile Layout
Lead Capture Forms
1 Password Protected Page
Monthly Calendar Updates
SEO Ready
Script Installation (Analytics/Ads)
Video Ready
Social Media Share Buttons
Fast Website Speed
Secure Hosting Included
Online Student Signup
Stripe or PayPal Checkout

Blue Belt Scroll

Everything in Blue Belt
SEO Research & Planning
Advanced SEO Optimization
Google Marketing Platform Setup
Google My Business Setup
Reporting Dashboards
Online Dojo Software
Currently, we do not charge a setup fee.

How Do Our Prices Compare?

WebsiteDojo Pricing*
(plus $199* setup fee)
Market Muscles Pricing*
(plus $395* setup fee)
KickSite Pricing*
(plus $199* setup fee)
* Note:  All competitor pricing is based on our last known prices (from their websites) and may or may not reflect current pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MAWD do?


As the name suggests, Martial Arts Website Design does web design for martial arts schools. What might not be apparent is that we also do marketing for martial arts schools.

What makes MAWD different from other web design and marketing companies?


We tailor specifically to the martial arts industry. We don't do gyms, yoga studios, or anything else. Only martial arts! This gives us focused insights into the martial arts industry, and all of its unique aspects.

Do I have to sign a contract?


We don't send you a contract to sign, but we have a terms of service agreement.

Do I need to pay a setup fee?


No! We have no setup fee, but we do ask for the first month's payment prior to starting your design. Given that most of our setups take between 7-14 days, the "cost" of setup is about 25%-50% of your first monthly fee.

Does MAWD work with small local businesses?


You bet! Most of our clients have 1 or 2 schools and a many are startups, just starting to grow their memberships.

What happens after I sign up?


You will be led to an "onboarding page" where you can tell us about your business, your classes and your promotions. Once we have that, someone on our team will reach out to you. We have a 7-21 day turn around, usually about 10-14 days.

Will my site be down during the setup process?


Generally, no. If your site is still being hosted by your previous website provider, and will not run out before we get your new site setup, then you should not experience any downtime at all.

When will I begin to see results from my website.


Once we get your site setup, we will spend the second half of your first month working on your SEO and other marketing factors. Within the second month, you should start to see an increase in traffic and visibility.

How do I make changes to my website? Do I do that, or does MAWD do that?


Most of our clients prefer that we make the website changes for them. However, if you prefer to make changes yourself, you can reach out to sales and let them know that you need a login.

Do you offer digital marketing for martial arts schools?


Yes! We do SEO, lead generation strategy, local SEO, and more. Proactive marketing mostly starts in the Black Belt Scroll. Blue Belt is the website and lead gen forms, then Black Belt is the first level of marketing.

Will you make a login area to post training videos for my students?


Absolutely! Each website comes with one password protected page that can be used in this way. Just notify your sales rep that you need to set that up on your site, send the videos along with the order they go on the page, then we can get that setup for you.

In the Black Belt Scroll, we have a full academy software you can utilize. The single page in Blue Belt uses a simple page with a single password for all users. Our academy software has individul passwords and progress tracking for all users.

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